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Often art is not G-rated or PC, so some material on this site, or linked from this site, may be offensive to some people.

Jeff Reeve after a night in the libraryWelcome to The Cracked Jar website. I am Jeff Reeve and this site has been created to promote my poetry and photography. Writing poetry requires a person that sees things just slightly different. Someone who might appear to be a little cracked. Thus, this website is titled The Cracked Jar. Oh, by the way, my initials are J.A.R.

I currently have a book of poetry titled "they don't serve beer here - and other depressing thoughts" available for purchase from my publisher or Links are in the right sidebar. The book should also be available by order from most booksellers. For more information, click on the "Sample of beer" button in the left sidebar.

On occasion, I will place a new or existing poem on the Current Poem page. Just click on the "Current Poem" button in the left sidebar.

My photography is accessed with the "Photo Galleries" button. This area will be updated regularly with new photos added and some removed. Additionally, many of these photos will be available for purchase as high quality art prints.

I also have a creative gallery on Behance is a site sponsored by where creatives from around the world share their work with the world. Click the "Jeff on Behance" button to open my profile and also be able to link to the works of other exceptional artists and photographers.

The "About Jeff Reeve" button features a short biography.


If you have a need to make contact, you can e-mail me at: . An immediate response is unlikely, but I will respond to legitimate messages.

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