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Often art is not G-rated or PC, so some material on this site, or linked from this site, may be offensive to some people.

This page is still under development.

Welcome to Cens Mill. I am Joshua Reeve and this site has been created to display and promote my artisan woodwork. Primarily I create turned wood products on a lathe. Below are examples of some of my work. Follow me on instagram @cens_mill for the most current information on shows and product designs. E-mail me at for a list of current designs available. Or even better, come by The Cracked Jar display booth at one of our Artisan shows. The current schedule is May 25 at Wilder's Summer Concert Series (concert tickets available at Then at Joplin Empire Market June 15, June 21 (Friday Night) and 22.

A special Demonstration day at Empire Market will be July 20. The lathe will be set up and you can see me in action, turn wood into useful products and art.



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