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Here at the Poetry Pub you will find examples of the poetry of Jeff Reeve. Some of the poems will include illustrations, either photos or art works. In some cases the illustration inspired the poem, and in some the poem inspired the illustration. Creativity has many outlets and inlets.           

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i found it in the weeds 

The photo inspired the poem.   


    I Found It in the Weeds
      Photo by Jeff Reeve
  •  i found it in the weeds

     just down the street

     the other side of the ditch

     quietly waiting

     for its last breath


     in silent deliberation

     as she tossed it out the window

     as she continued her passage

     as unrecognized longings whispered

     within her


     i picked it up and shook it

     brushing at the dead debris

     examining the bruises

     deep and dark and invisible

     for a while i carry it in my pocket

     checking on it at the coffee shop or

     the mall food court or

     the movie theater on a date

     where it would rustle and disrupt and

     bleed a little


     so i take it home

     to an old bird cage discarded to the attic

     wires dented and bent as they sustain

     a door

     hanging on with broken hinges

     that never quite close or open

     cloaked in an old piece of bedsheet

     stained and a little oily

     to keep in the dark

     of my bedroom corner

     it is barely breathing in

     the fog of that lost cause

     refusing to maybe heal

     to sing of love again

     to maybe abandon the comfort of shadows

     where it caresses

     only the memory

     the prickles of the weeds 


      Jeff Reeve

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