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Here at the Poetry Pub you will find examples of the poetry of Jeff Reeve. Some of the poems will include illustrations, either photos or art works. In some cases the illustration inspired the poem, and in some the poem inspired the illustration. Creativity has many outlets and inlets.           

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coming to life

Collana di Perle, painted by Barbara Monicelli, inspired the poem "coming to life". 

    Collana di Perle
      by Barbara Monacelli
     translated - Pearl Necklace
  •  hanging on my bedroom wall 

     a picture

     you painted

     a reflection of your soul

     a persona of your self

     a nude wearing

     a string of pearls



     as i prepare for sleep

     lying across my bed

     pillow beneath my head

     i gaze your way

     imagining your work of art

     coming to life


     my eyelids flutter 

     fall into darkness


     your slender tender foot

     reaches out to the carpet

     stepping down


     out of the worn wooden frame


     sitting at the bed’s edge

     holding my hand

     you lean down to

     whisper words

     only my dreams can hear

     in slumber surrounded senses

     a slight smile rises on my lips


     I awake

     as the morning light cascades

     through the drapes

     across the bed

     into my open palm

     holding a single pearl


     Jeff Reeve

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I am Jeff Reeve, a professional writer, poet, and photographer. I reside in Joplin, Missouri.