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Here at the Poetry Pub you will find examples of the poetry of Jeff Reeve. Some of the poems will include illustrations, either photos or art works. In some cases the illustration inspired the poem, and in some the poem inspired the illustration. Creativity has many outlets and inlets.           

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two drops

Poem and self portraits by Jeff Reeve. 

    As the Fever Rises





    A Cuppa Tea


  •  about once a year

     when the snow is at its deepest

     when the air bites back

     with a snarl on its breath

     i get the fever

     that obscene urge

     to strip down naked

     then roll in the snow


     to sail the icy sea

     or for convenience sake

     take a cruise on route 66

     seeking to pillage and plunder

     a nearby village or town or bowling alley

     then harass all the young women

     just for the hell of it

     simply because

     my viking blood has begun to boil


     my doc says that only nordic kin

     get that funny rosy skin

     about the face and nose

     so it must be i am entitled

     to that wanderlust

     as my two drops of viking blood dominate


     but in the end

     civility regains its reign

     and the only thing still boiling

     is water

     to make a nice cup of earl grey


                         Jeff Reeve

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I am Jeff Reeve, a professional writer, poet, and photographer. I reside in Joplin, Missouri.