Wood Chips on the Floor

This page will have a short bio about Joshua Reeve, an artisan wood turner. There will also be some photos of some of his events and products. Maybe even a video of him making his art. A calendar of shows and events will also be found on this page.

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Joshua Reeve

I began turning wood in 2015 after taking a one day class at a local pottery studio. Shortly there after I found a used lathe for about $50 and started turning in the garage. Within a year, after realizing the used lathe was just that, I purchased a small, new, low end lathe. A few years of skill development has led to a high end lathe and more artistic endeavors. One of my favorite designs is called segmented. This is where the item begins as a flat board that is cut into trapizoidal pieces that are then glued into rings of various sizes. the rings are then glued to each other and turned to make the item. By using different types of wood, a design is created. There are examples of segmented items in some of the photos on this page. 

Calendar of Events

February 10 w/PhotoArt
Joplin Empire Market
February 24
Joplin Empire Market
March 9 w/PhotoArt
Joplin Empire Market
March 23 and 30
Joplin Empire Market
April 6 and 13
Joplin Empire Market
May 18 w/PhotoArt
Joplin Empire Market
June 15 and
Joplin Empire Market
More dates coming soon
Art Show schedule pending
September 19-October 26
Silver Dollar City Harvest Fest, Branson MO
November 23-December 21
Joplin Empire Market - Christmas Market


Events and Productions

Photos of shows and examples of the creations. Some examples may already be sold.  



Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival 2021
Checking a newly turned handle SDC 2021
Decorative Mock-Up
Pen top has 72 segments

Hand Turned Untensil Handles
Crank Pepper Mills
Segmented piece from the Cencere series.
Ceramic Crushgrind mills


I am Joshua Reeve, an artisan wood turner. I reside in Joplin, Missouri.